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ZYMOX Topical Cream

ZYMOX Topical Cream

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For hot spots, wounds, cuts, and skin infections. This concentrated formula is for direct application to affected area and features a catheter tip for easy application. Effective against bacteria, fungus, and yeast. Contains natural bio-active enzymes and .5% Hydrocortisone for additional inflammation and itch relief. Bio-active enzymes have been shown to be effective against: Hot Spots, Wounds, Ringworm, Bodyfold Pyoderma, Staphylococcus, MRSA, Pseudomonas.

  • - Works without antibiotics
  • - Once-a-day, easy application
  • - Non-toxic & worry-free if licked
  • - Requires no pre-cleaning before applying
  • - .5% hydrocortisone
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