Our Mission

Who We Are

Helping our Customers start and maintain pet hobbies!

In 1990, Pet Food Center opened our first store location in Newburgh, Indiana. We set out with three simple ideals in mind; 1) provide a shopping experience that is focused on the customer comes first, 2) provide the very best service in the pet food retail space  and 3) carry only the best quality products at the best price.  Today we continue to operate under these ideals in all six of our locations by developing a culture in our retail stores that is based on our core values and supported by team members who are committed to delivering on these values. Simply put, we strive to always be the best choice for Evansville, Newburgh and Clarksville pet supplies


We believe that leadership is not just a word, it’s an action. It’s the action of leading by example 100% of the time, not just when people are looking. We strive to be our best, but understand mistakes happen. When they happen our priority is to first take care of our customer, then learn from our mistakes and train our team members how we can avoid these mistakes in the future and how we want things done. We expect our team members on all levels to lead by example.



Our goal is to be the best pet food store in the markets we operate. To achieve this goal we are committed to keeping up with current and future product trends, maintain modern store designs and layouts and provide our team members, at all levels, the best ongoing training possible.



From the beginning quality has been a driving force behind the success of Pet Food Center’s growth. We are dedicated to providing our customers “the best quality products at the best price,” on three price levels of good, better and best. To accomplish this our buyers use the following principles when purchasing products for our stores; merchandise must be durable and long lasting, foods and treats must use only the highest quality ingredients, supplies must be durable and toys must be durable and fun.