Grooming Tips & Tricks

Pet Food Centers Groomer Tips & Tricks:

How to Keep your pet cool this summer without shaving them!

  • A canine does not sweat through their skin. They only have sweat glands in their tongues and in-between the pads of their feet.
  • So to help keep your dog cooler in the summertime, keep the hair in their pads and the bottom of their feet clipped short.
  • If you have a dog in distress from the heat, put their feet in cool water or wrap their feet in soaking wet rags or towels to bring their body temp down faster.

Don't have time to bath your dog or do they have some minor mats?

  • Use cornstarch and a soft slicker brush to clean and remove dirt and debris from your pets coat when bathing isn’t an option or there's not enough water to properly rinse their coat.
  • Cornstarch is also an excellent tool for de-matting minor knots and tangles. It also helps de-shedding when its used with a slicker brush and metal tooth comb or rake.