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Zoo Med Betta Banquet Blocks

Zoo Med Betta Banquet Blocks

  • $2.29

Keep your Betta fed with ZooMed's nutritional Betta Banquet Blocks. Each Block can last up to 7 days. Great for times when you're away from home. Theses blocks are made with no fillers, artificial colors, or preservatives; meaning a cleaner and healthier tank.
  • Blocks dissolve in water to release nutritious micro betta pellets with time while you’re away.
  • Made with krill, squid, shrimp and fish meal plus vitamins and minerals for a balanced betta diet.
  • Package comes with 6 blocks, and each block can feed a betta for up to seven days.
  • Using it is easy―just throw the block into the water and let your pal eat as the block dissolves.
  • Formula is proudly made in the USA with no fillers, artificial colors or preservatives.

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