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Woodlink Butterfly House DIY Craft Kit

Woodlink Butterfly House DIY Craft Kit

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Woodlink Butterfly House DIY Craft Kits, Club

Help butterflies thrive and foster children's interest in pollinators with these Woodlink Classic Butterfly House DIY Craft Kits. Adding a butterfly home to your yard offers these insects a shelter during storms or other inclement weather, and can also provide them a place to hibernate. This set provides precut wooden panels, which are simple to attach together with the included hardware. The homes may also be painted for customized units, and the set is perfect for a group of children. An informational pamphlet about butterflies, along with brightly colored stickers, adds even more fun to each piece. Three oval openings rest on the front of the shelters, allowing insects to enter them, and a butterfly silhouette sits above the ovals for a bit of style. One side panel lifts for adding bark to each chamber, creating plenty of hiding spots for the butterflies, and the flat back mounts to a wall or post easily. The base of each can accommodate a mounting bracket (not included) for placement on a pole, or the home may rest on a flat surface in your landscaping. Build confidence in children along with fantastic homes for pollinating insects with these Classic Butterfly House DIY Craft Kits. Assembly required. Made in the USA.

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