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Turbo by Coastal Telescoping Wand with LED Pointer Cat Toy

  • Engages cat's hunting instincts with LED projection and feathers.
  • Retracts for compact storage.
  • Encourages active play and exercise.
  • Increases mental stimulation.
  • Two ways to play in one toy.

The Turbo® by Coastal® Telescoping Wand with LED Pointer Cat Toy is a playtime experience that combines innovation and excitement for your feline companion. This versatile toy features a telescoping wand equipped with both a feather teaser and an LED pointer that projects a delightful hummingbird image, guaranteeing endless amusement and stimulation for your cat. The telescoping wand is designed for easy extension and retraction. Adjust its length to match your cat's activity level, from gentle play to high-energy frolics. Its ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip for hours of interactive fun. At one end of the wand, you'll find a feather teaser that mimics the movement of birds, captivating your cat's hunting instincts. Flip the wand around, and you'll discover an LED pointer at the other end. This pointer projects a lifelike hummingbird image. LED light is less harmful to your cat’s eyes than traditional laser lights. Long-lasting batteries are included so your cat can enjoy uninterrupted playtime right out of the box. Elevate playtime with the Telescoping Wand with LED Pointer Cat Toy, a unique and interactive toy that combines the allure of feathers with the magic of LED projection.

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