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RC Pets Pet First Aid Kit

RC Pets Pet First Aid Kit

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Our Pet First Aid Kit will give you the ability and knowledge to provide emergency help for your pet. Our comprehensive kit comes with a first aid instruction booklet and everything you would need in an emergency situation.

  • The Walks ‘n’ Wags Pet First Aid pamphlet offers easy to follow instructions
  • The reflective CF signature label and piping makes the kit easy to find in low light
  • The Pet First Aid Kit contains cut and abrasion management for in the field care
  • An extended zipper pull allows you to open the kit easily even while wearing gloves
  • Clear vinyl pockets and elastic organization make it easy to get whatever you need
  • Contents include: 1 x Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid Manual | 1 x Exam Gloves (latex free) | 1 x First Aid Tape | 1 x Blunt Tip Scissors | 4 x Gauze Pads (7.5cm x 7.5cm) | 4 x Gauze Pads (5cm x 7.6cm) | 3 x Gauze Rolls | 1 x Saline Solution | 8 x Antiseptic Wipes | 2 x Wooden Tongue Depressor | 1 x Reusable Cloth Triangle Bandage | 1 x Instant Cold Pack | 2 x Patch Adhesive Bandage | 1 x Elastic Bandage | 1 x Emergency Blanket
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