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NutriChomps Advanced Chicken Mini Twists 12ct

NutriChomps Advanced Chicken Mini Twists 12ct

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5″ Real Chicken Wrapped Advanced Mini Twists – 12 Count

NutriChomps Advanced Chicken Mini Twists, wrapped with real chicken and made with real chicken and pork skin, are sure to become your dog’s favorite treat. NutriChomps Advanced have no artificial flavors, no artificial dyes, and no artificial preservatives. They are vitamin and mineral fortified, making them as delicious as they are nutritious. Along with savory protein from chicken and pork skin, we add vitamin E to help boost your dog’s circulatory system health. Added manganese sulfate assists with nervous system function, while riboflavin supports skin, eyes, and abdomen health. Indulging in dog treats has never been so healthy for your pup.

We recommend that you treat your dog to a NutriChomps chew to alleviate boredom, reward good behavior or simply as an everyday treat. Not only do our chews provide plenty of entertainment but also help improve dental hygiene. These wholesome chews promote good dental health by helping to remove plaque and tartar from their teeth and gums as they chew.

Why 100% Rawhide Free?

Rawhide chews for dogs are only partially digestible which means the remaining product can create potential digestion issues in dogs. Because NutriChomps are 100% rawhide-free, they’re easy to digest. Even the pups with the most sensitive of stomachs will love these dog chomps. NutriChomps Advanced Mini Twists are perfectly sized for Tiny, Small, Medium, and Large dogs and come in a resealable bag making it easy to preserve freshness. Give your precious pup the tasty reward they’ve been barking for!

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