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Nunn Better

Nunn Better Cardinal Blend

Nunn Better Cardinal Blend

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Cardinal Blend

Supplemental feeding increases your backyard’s powers of attraction for the simple reason that nature usually can’t match the concentrated supply of food that you can provide in your feeder. Birds often remember where they had a superb meal, and will return to the same spot for more. Nunn-Better offers a premium blend containing the finest ingredients in each of our wild bird foods. Each specific blend is carefully mixed to offer a combination that attracts birds and provides important nutrients. Birds bring beauty, music and life to your yard and Nunn-Better is committed to helping you appreciate nature by offering a quality product for your bird feeders. Those who enjoy bird watching will quickly agree that cardinals are a lovely addition to your backyard feeder. Their bright red plumage and vibrant song are unmatched by any other bird.  Cardinals sing most of the time and unlike most birds, even the female is an accomplished vocalist. Male cardinals are usually dominant over females at the feeder prior to the mating season. During the courtship, however, you will see the male pick up a bit of food, and actually place it in the female’s bill. This behavior may continue until the young are raised. Watch them closely and you will notice that when eating sunflower, the cardinal manipulates the seed with it’s tongue until the seed lies sideways in it’s powerful bill, cracks it open, ejects the hull with it’s tongue and swallows the seed.


Available in 6.5 pound and 14 pound bags.


Cardinals are seed eaters that are particularly fond of sunflower and safflower seeds. They prefer solid feeding stations that offer seed on a tray, platform, or just scattered on the ground. Nunn-Better Premium Cardinal Blend contains a mix of sunflower and safflower seeds which provide a nutritious diet for these feathered friends. Provide a fresh bird bath for your visiting birds.


Crude Protein, not less than 15.0%, Crude Fat, not less than 25.0%, Crude Fiber, not more than 32.0%, Moisture, not more than 12.0%.


Oil Sunflower Seed, Safflower Seed.

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