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Overby Farm Hip Flex are soft, chewable treats with a kick for joint health! These soft chewables are formulated with whole tart cherries, blueberry and cranberry, ground flaxseed (for healthy Omega-3s) and glucosamine. The healthy benefits attributed to tart cherries and berries continue to spread and grow as our population chooses natural and functional foods to support healthier lifestyles. Scientists and researchers have confirmed that cherries and berries are loaded with naturally occurring compounds that are great for maintaining health.

About Overby Farm

Overby Farm is committed to doing their part to be responsible in protecting and promoting the welfare of our Earth. Their intention is to utilize natural ingredients and bio-active compounds in their formulated products, and extend this use of natural materials to their packaging and printed materials as the company grows.

Overby Farm has worked closely with university experts and practicing veterinarians in capturing these healthy benefits for our companion animals. Overby Farm's choice of ingredients in Hip Flex and other products was guided by research conducted at Michigan State University?s Bioactive Natural Products and Phytoceuticals Laboratory, which identified that the natural enzymes and antioxidant compounds in cherries may help relieve discomfort associated with normal daily exercise and activity. These findings led to several patents and an exclusive relationship with Michigan State University.

Hip Flex Canine Treats come in 9.5 oz. bags, with 65 soft-moist chewables


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