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Nature's Miracle Oxy Formula Set-In Stain Destroyer

  • $16.99

Nature's Miracle Oxy Formula Set-In Stain Destroyer

No doggy is perfect and sometimes accidents happen. When your furry friend produces a major “uh-oh” inside the house, Nature’s Miracle Dog Set-In Stain Destroyer Oxy Formula can help. Even the most stubborn, deep-set dog stains and odors don't stand a chance! The oxygen-concentrated formula penetrates, separates and lifts embedded stains and odors on carpets, hard floors, furniture, fabrics and more. (Not for use on untreated hardwood, leather, suede, silk or wool specialty fabrics.) Simply apply to the stained area, wait 15 minutes, then blot up with a clean cloth. A mess on your favorite dress? No problem! This product can also be used before washing clothing by saturating the stained area for 5 minutes before throwing in the washing machine.

Key Benefits

  • Destroys even the most deep-set stains and severe, old or stubborn odors.
  • Features a fresh orange scent.
  • Oxygen-concentrated formula penetrates and lifts embedded stains and odors.
  • Made by a brand trusted for over 35 years!
  • This cleaner is designed to be safe for use around dogs.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply directly to pet.

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