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Loving Pets Puffsters Banana & Chicken Chips

Loving Pets Puffsters Banana & Chicken Chips

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Puffsters Banana and Chicken Chip Treats for Dogs


Banana and chicken are popular foods dogs love, so why not pair them together in a delicious snack? Puffsters® Banana and Chicken Chips for dogs are perfect treats for daily snacking or training. Your pup will love the crunchy texture and delicious flavor of the air-puffed snack. Every bag has 50 or more pieces, each with only 10 calories, making these incredible, low-calorie banana and chicken dog treats healthier for your pup. 

These low-fat Puffsters treats are made in the USA with quality ingredients that everyone can recognize. When pet owners buy Puffsters, they will know what they are giving their dogs and trust the safety of the contents. Our treats have no soy, corn, glycerin, additives or preservatives added to them. Loving Pets is happy to provide high-quality, delicious and healthy treats for all pets.

We also have other Puffsters flavors, like cranberry and chicken and sweet potato and chicken. Find flavors your dog loves by trying new ones each time you order. Puffsters are great treats for dogs of all ages and sizes.

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