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HomeoVet Avian Nose Relief

HomeoVet Avian Nose Relief

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Provides support for a healthy nasal/sinus cavity.




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  • Dose remedy in water and allow bird access for the day
  • In acute cases one dose can be given every 15 minutes, up to 4 doses to individual birds using a dropper of the correctly diluted remedy. See grid above for correct dilution
  • When improvement is seen decrease frequency of dosing to twice daily then once daily. If symptoms reappear repeat original dose. Discontinue use when symptoms subside

Birds: 2 drops in the drinking water once daily.

For treatment dose either medicate the water and allow access for the day or do 3 times daily by refreshing water and only providing sufficient that close to entire amount is drunk without depriving the bird(s) of water. In acute cases, the doses can be given every 15 minutes, up to 4 doses to individual birds using a dropper of the correctly diluted remedy where possible otherwise refresh drinking water with remedy at the correct dilution regularly to ensure potency. For cases that are not acute, one dose 3 times daily either in water or individually as above. Once a response is seen, administration should be reduced to twice daily and eventually once daily this can be done by removing water when all birds have had some and replacing with fresh water till next dose due. When symptoms clear up, discontinue use. If reduction causes symptoms to worsen, original dosing may be continued a little longer before reducing. If a remedy is working well and dosing is not reduced, an aggravation of symptoms from overuse may occur. Stopping the remedy for 3 days will reverse the symptoms, and then treatment can begin as if using for the first time, weaning down as mentioned above. Product can be given in hydration fluids.

If the problem remains persistent or is in any way severe the product be may be used alongside conventional & herbal treatment with no danger of interaction due to the products low molecular profile as a homeopathic. Always seek advice if in doubt and ensure you to remove the source of infection, e.g. by grouping birds of different ages, cleaning when restocking, removal of or restricting access to intermediate carriers such as bedding etc.

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