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Bears Bones Bakery Pretzel Cheddar Bites

Bears Bones Bakery Pretzel Cheddar Bites

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Bavarian style pretzel bites come in 2 flavors, Bacon and Cheddar. The first using Real hardwood smoked Bacon, the second using Real Cheddar cheese, both boiled and baked to a hard finish! 

Yes they are made from people food, tested on people, veterinarian approved, dog approved, heck they even look and smell yummy! but they are not yours! Please do not eat your dogs treats! 


Bears Bone Bakery was established in 2009 in Evansville, Indiana. Bear is a Great Pyrenees, 10 years old to date and is the primary owner/product tester of Bears Bone Bakery. 

Bears Bone Bakery is a registered dog food manufacturer providing human quality treats for our canine friends. We use only USDA approved base goods and real people recipes (minus most of the sugar and fat!)  In fact, we even TEST our products on people to insure great taste! We use NO by-products, artificial flavors or preservatives. ALL of our products are handmade from U.S. made base goods including our secret ingredient added to every cookie and treat, a little bit of  REAL LOVE.

Chris, Jennifer, Bear and Jr.  


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