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Coastal Mesh Harness Blue

Coastal Mesh Harness Blue

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Coastal Mesh Harness Blue


Get a harness that's easy to place on your dog with the Size Right® Adjustable Dog Harness! This nylon harness is designed to eliminate the frustration of dogs backing out of the harness. Putting it on is easy: Simply place it over your dog's head and snap the easy snap-lock buckle around your dog's center. Plus, the figure 8 style allows you to adjust for the perfect fit. Your dog can move freely without becoming entangled in the leash thanks to the swivel o-ring. Choose your favorite color and use this harness on your next walk!


  • Completely adjustable to provide a secure, comfortable fit.
  • Over-the-head design eliminates the frustration of dogs backing out of harness.
  • Prevents leashes from entangling dogs with swivel o-ring.
  • Easy to snap around dog's center with secure snap-lock buckle.
  • Sized to fit dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Adjustable. Bold, Classic Colors.


Ideal for everyday use.

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