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CatIt Creamy Superfoods lickable cat treats

CatIt Creamy Superfoods lickable cat treats

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Catit Creamy Superfoods


Each Catit Creamy Superfoods variety consists of a delicious all-natural meat paste that was topped off with a duo of highly nutritious plant-based ingredients

Chicken with Coconut & Kale

Succulent chicken paired with hearty kale, rich in vitamins and minerals, and lush, nutritious coconut in support of coat care.

Salmon with Quinoa & Spirulina

Healthy salmon matched with green spirulina, boasting powerful antioxidant properties, and quinoa as a source of dietary vitamins and minerals.

Tuna with Coconut & Wakame

Tempting tuna fused with nourishing coconut to support coat health, and healthful wakame, a type of kelp known for its digestive benefits.

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