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Caribsea Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium, Red 20 lbs.

Keep your aquarium plants growing and thriving with the CaribSea Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate. This ready-to-use formula contains basaltic volcanic soil which contains iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur and over 25 other elements to nourish your aquatic plants. It has different-sized granules that help promote optimal oxygen uptake for roots, and a blend of beneficial bacteria that turn fish waste into plant food, and nourish roots to promote healthy growth. Use it to boost plant growth and as a new aquarium cycle starter. Best of all, since it’s packed in a water conditioning solution, it’s easy to use out of the bag, with no rinsing or additional conditioners. 


Use one to two pounds of Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate per gallon of aquarium water. Two pounds per gallon or more will deliver best performance. An ideal bed depth is at least 3 inches.

Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate is designed to be a complete substrate but may also serve as a bottom layer with your choice of non-carbonate substrate.

For new aquarium setups simply pour in the entire contents of this bag and fill aquarium with de-chlorinated tap water or, for best results, de-ionized or distilled water. Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate will automatically segregate into 2 distinct layers with the finer material on the bottom (Bi-Modal). For established systems, drain and discard most of the liquid contents of the product before placing into the system.

Placing new gravels over the top ("capping") of an established gravel bed can be damaging to aquatic life. Gently mix new material into the existing bed with fingers. For added safety this process can be done in sections, over the course of a few days. This product may contain naturally magnetic minerals. Use caution when using magnetic algae scrapers.


  • Ready-to-use with volcanic basalt rich in minerals and essential elements to support plant growth and health.
  • Bi-modal grading separates into a fine bottom layer for root development, and a coarse top layer to enhance root oxygen uptake.
  • Dual-biotic formula contains heterotrophic bacteria to convert fish waste into plant food, and mycorrhizal symbionts for strong root development.
  • Biologically complete with beneficial microorganisms that help cycle new aquariums faster; it comes packed in Liquid Amazon™ water conditioner.
  • Natural deep black color encourages vibrant fish colors and reduces stress, with no artificial dyes, paints or chemicals.
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