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bSERENE Cat Calming Diffuser Kit & Refills

bSERENE Cat Calming Diffuser Kit & Refills

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bSerene Advanced Cat Calming Diffuser Kit

Superior Calming Relief for Even More Stressful Situations 

Boost your cat’s mood and help reduce stress-induced behaviors through our 2-in-1 pheromone technology.  Our premium blend of two powerful pheromones supports a wider range of stressful situations and problematic behaviors. The combination of the F3 facial pheromone and the Maternal Appeasing Pheromone goes one step further to help create a calmer demeanor in your cat by promoting bonding and harmonious living. When your cat senses bSerene, they feel calm, safe, and secure – just like a home should feel. 

Think of the bSerene Advanced Calming Diffuser as an everyday kindness to help reduce hiding, scratching, fighting, and urine marking, making your home more comfortable for your cat, 24/7. 

Each refill for the bSerene Advanced Cat Calming Diffuser pops easily into the diffuser and lasts 30 days before needing to be replaced. The plugin device should be replaced every six months. 

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