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Raw Dog Chews

Beef Bone (12-15")

Beef Bone (12-15")

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A slow-baked beef bone that’s the natural (and biggest) solution to doggie boredom.

Why pet parents (and their pups) choose our chews:

  • Made from one natural ingredient: 100% beef bone. No plastics or yucky additives!
  • Withstand large dog breeds’ nibbles and gnaws while supporting their dental health
  • The act of chewing mentally stimulates pups to help relieve boredom and stress
  • Washed, dried, and baked to enhance flavor and zap away lingering bacteria
  • Ethically sourced from happy, grass-fed cows that live on local farms in South America

Made with 1 natural ingredient

We don’t believe in waste, so we do our part by using all cow parts, including the bones. We source our chews from grass-fed, free-range cattle in Venezuela. They supply the world with the highest quality beef products. We like to think our meaty chews are grown in fields and not made in factories, so we use beef that’s free of pesticides, GMOs, and artificial additives.

Baked to beefy perfection

Once we have the goods, the femur bones are cleaned, dried, and baked. These bones are known for their rich flavor, which dogs can’t get enough of! We want our beef bones to entice your pup with maximum meaty taste, so they’re oven-baked for 100 hours. Then, they’re ready for Fido! And as always, we don’t use any chemicals, additives, or preservatives in our bones.

From moos to long-lasting chews

Pet parents trust our bones for their pup because they’re fresh and free of additives. Beef bones are a natural source of calcium and minerals and even support a dogs’ dental health while they chew. If Fido is constantly getting into trouble chewing on things they shouldn’t, give them something that’s actually yummy and nutritious to munch on!

Find beefy bones in all shapes and sizes

Beef femur bones are best for medium to extra large dogs that are moderate chewers. When feeding, always supervise your pup because natural bones may splinter and need to be taken away immediately. If your pup is an aggressive chewer, we have other chews better suited for them, like our Monster Bully Sticks.

Beef Knuckle Bone

  • Best for moderate chewers and medium to extra large dog breeds
  • Available in one size

Beef Center Bone

  • Best for moderate chewers and small to large dog breeds
  • Available in two lengths: 3” and 6”

*NEW Beef Bone

  • Best for moderate chewers and medium to extra large dog breeds
  • Available in one 12-15” size

Monster Beef Femur

  • Best for moderate chewers and medium to extra large dog breeds
  • Available in one 14-18” size

    Additional information

    Ingredients: Beef Bone

    • Crude Protein: 20% min.
    • Crude Fat: 5% min.
    • Crude Fiber: 4% max
    • Moisture: 12% max

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