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Raw Dog Chews

Punkin Puffs Crispy Collagen Dog Treats 2.5oz

Punkin Puffs Crispy Collagen Dog Treats 2.5oz

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You’re Chews-ing Wisely! Raw Dog® Punkin Puffs are low-fat, crunchy treats made with two doggie superfoods: beef corium collagen and pumpkin. Pumpkin aids dogs’ digestion, and corium collagen supports joint health!

Our highly-digestible puffs are the best reward for good behavior! Dogs can’t get enough of the crunchy texture, and pet parents love the all-natural ingredients. Swap Fido’s calorie-dense biscuits with our light, crispy, crunchy puffs to make their taste buds and tummies happy. All dogs, big and small, love this crunchy treat!

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