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Help your local shelter and donate any item from their list or let us pick for you. Wishlists have been provided by the shelters for their most need items year round.

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Who is Feline Fix?

Feline Fix was started in the Summer of 2006, with the hopes of making an impact with the cat overpopulation problem in the tri-state area. 

I was inspired to do something after sitting in my car and seeing something that I never want to see again. I was looking across the intersection at what I thought was a small paper bag catching the wind. As the light turned green and I got closer I noticed it was a kitten that had been hit by a car, standing and falling, I pulled over just in time for the kitten to take a few breaths and die in my arms. 

I decided to try and do everything I could to decrease the number of unwanted litters born.

Feline Fix is a TNR program. TNR stands for Trap Neuter Return. We use humane traps to catch the cats and transport them, then they are spayed or neutered, and ideally taken back to where we found them and released. Sometimes we can’t return the cats to where they were living because it wasn’t a safe environment. In those cases, we find barns or other suitable locations, placing three cats or more together so they are less likely to run away from their new home.

For more information about Feline Fix, please visit their website.

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