Paw Street Wishlist

Help your local shelter and donate any item from their list or let us pick for you. Wishlists have been provided by the shelters for their most need items year round.

Our Mission

We strive to keep pets and people together by providing financial assistance and resources necessary to keep bonded pets and humans together and reduce the number of pets surrendered to local animal shelters and rescues.


To create communities where pets and people can live together without fear of seperation due to low income or homelessness, to make pet care more accessible to the underserved and reduce the number of owner surrenders to local shelters and rescues.


ADVOCACY- Breaking  down barriers  and  stereotypes that hinder pet ownership through community outreach programs and education.  OUTREACH- We strive to create compassioH te pet support  programs while assisting the needs  of caring pet owners -without judgement. RESCUE- We believe the best kind of rescue happens in the home. We value the efforts of our volunteers, donors, community partners and sponsors and their role in keeping pets and people together.

For more information about Paw Street, please visit their website.

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