Pet Food Center  |  Evansville Indiana Aquariums and Fish Supplies

Pet Food Center | Evansville Indiana Aquariums and Fish Supplies

Evansville Indiana Aquariums and Fish Supplies

Just getting started? Or are you expert? At your locally owned Pet Food Centers, we've got everything you need from fresh water Betta's to colorful saltwater, and every thing in-between! We have all the supplies you would ever need to keep a wonderful, thriving, fish and plant healthy aquarium!

Pet Food Centers Aquarium and Fish Supplies Approach:

Whether you're starting with the basics and a few fish or  building an ecosystem, filled with tropical fish and plants, we are here to help! Our passionate, knowledgeable, and friendly aquarium and fish supply staff in Evansville, Indiana is here to guide you and your family to aquarium fish bliss! We achieve this by taking the time to find out about your specific aquarium, and make the best possible recommendations based on our experiences.

Check out the huge selection of fish, aquariums, fish supplies and more at various Pet Food Center locations around the Tri-State! All of our locations have all the supplies you're looking for! West Side, North Side, Green River and Newburgh locations all have everything you'll need to start an Evansville Indiana Aquariums and Fish Supplies.


Some of the aquariums and fish supply products we carry at your locally owned Pet Food Center:

  • Freshwater Fish
  • Live Plants
  • Saltwater Fish
  • Invertebrates
  • Corals
  • Aquariums, Stands and Supplies
  • Experienced and Attentive Staff


Pet Food Centers has been an Evansville, Indiana aquarium and fish supply staple for over 20 years! Our stores currently have over 4,000 gallons of fish tanks set up to house our fresh and saltwater fish, plants and invertebrates. We stock a large array of fish, foods, aquariums, supplies and accessories for freshwater and marine tanks. For more information about specific fish, fish supplies, plants, aquariums and more please call any location and speak to an expert aquarium associate.

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