Evansville's #1 Aquarium and Fish Store! - Pet Food Center

Evansville's #1 Aquarium and Fish Store! - Pet Food Center

Evansville's #1 Aquarium and Fish Store!

Create a Great Aquarium with your Pet Food Centers located in Evansville, Indiana!

Whether it’s a small fish bowl or a massive aquarium, there’s nothing quite like a well-kept aquarium to brighten up any home in the Evansville area. Here at your locally owned Pet Food Centers in Evansville and Newburgh, we want to ensure that you have the supplies you need to keep your fish happy and healthy.

Your One-stop Shop in Evansville and Newburgh

One of the advantages of aquariums is that they are perfect both for beginning pet parents and for experienced hobbyists. Whether you’re interested in setting up a large or smaller aquarium or a desktop betta bowl, the fish store experts at Pet Food Center can help you find the equipment, supplies and fish that you’re looking for. Pet Food Center provides a single convenient place for you to find everything aquarium related.


The Perfect Aquarium for Your Fish

Pet Food Centers in Evansville and Newburgh  offer a wide variety of homes for your aquatic pets, ranging from smaller fish bowls to much larger tanks. Our selection includes all-glass aquariums and acrylic aquariums as well as a wide variety of configurations. We have fish tanks in all sizes! Ranging from half of a gallon to 200 gallons so that you’ll be able to find the perfect volume for your space.

In addition, we have a variety of accessories for fish tanks such as tank stands, lighting, hoods, chillers, heaters, thermometers, pumps and filtration and aeration systems that will make the aquarium a welcoming place for its inhabitants. If it involves fish, your Pet Food Center in Evansville and Newburgh has it.


Evansville's #1 Aquarium and Fish Store!

Of course, you can’t have an aquarium without any fish—and a few finned friends are the perfect addition to your fish tank home in Evansville and Newburgh.  It is best to purchase fish at your local fish store, the Pet Food Center, so that you can see the fish before you buy them and make sure they are in good health. Our fish store experts are always striving to sell the most healthy fish and with four locations through out the Tri-State were' convenient to anyone. Pet Food Centers have a huge variety of all colors, types and sizes of fish. Whether you’re looking for a single fish or an entire school, we carry a wide variety of pets you can add to your family.


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Evansville's #1 Aquarium and Fish Store

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