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Cosmo Catnip Sushi Wand

Cosmo Catnip Sushi Wand

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Ok, but how about sushi takeout for you and a sushi catnip wand for your furry friend? This Silver vine and catnip blend will entice your kitty to play. Similar to your spicy tuna roll utensils, the wooden wand resembles chop sticks and comes with 2 pieces of sushi on each elastic teaser cord. This sushi set will *actually* keep your cat entertained while you eat your sashimi and binge watch your fave show.

The Cosmo sushi teaser wand will keep your kitty entertained for like, hours.

Packed with Catnip and a silver vine blend, your kitty will love this toy instantly.

Keep playtime interesting with the wooden teaser wand.

Crunchy like nori, this toy has crinkle paper for tons of extra fun.

2 pcs of sushi come with every wand. The fun ~literally~ never ends with this toy.

Wand comes in assorted colors.  
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