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Cosmo Catnip Ice Cream Wand

Cosmo Catnip Ice Cream Wand

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The freezer aisle is my happy place. And now it can be for your floofy pal too. The 18″ Cosmo ice cream teaser wand it the ultimate guilty pleasure treat… for your cat, of course. Packed with catnip, silver vine, and decorated with streamers, you can treat your pet to the sweetest toy.

Ice cream can be your fave treat and your kitty’s too with the Cosmo ice cream teaser wand.

Packed with Catnip and a silver vine blend, your kitty will love this toy instantly.

Decorated with fabric streamers and a jingle bell, because who doesn’t need toppings on their ice cream toy?

Like sprinkles, add a little crunch to your ice cream toy with crinkle paper texture.

Choose your fave flavor, I mean color!

Comes in Assorted Colors

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