PFC Support Page

On this page you will find links to all of our Pet Food Center support/request forms.

Select a form below and fill out all the required fields. Someone from Corporate will be in touch with you with in 24-48 hours Monday- Friday.

If you request is an emergency please contact the main office at 812-602-3156.

If it is a weekend please contact your store manager and they can contact someone for you.

  • IT Support Tickets

    Click below to submit an IT support ticket. This can be anything from computer issues, to Scanner issues, to Printer issues and more.

    IT Support Tickets 
  • Store Maintenance Tickets

    Click below to submit a ticket for a Maintenance issue that needs address by someone at the office. This could be a leaking pipe, broken equipment, building issues, and more.

    Store Maintenance Tickets 
  • Bloyal Support Tickets

    Click below to submit a ticket that is related to the Bloyal rewards system. This can be internal problems, or customer issues that need to be addressed. This includes adjusting points balance, adjusting Frequent Buyer Counts, and more.

    Bloyal Support Tickets 
  • Mulch Delivery Requests

    Click below to submit a mulch delivery. The warehouse manager will contact the customer or the store to set up a delivery time.

    Mulch Delivery Requests 
  • Employee Training Requests

    Click below to submit a ticket to request training for employees.

    Employee Training Requests 
  • Technology Bulletin

    Click below to submit your tips and tricks for the weekly technology bulletin.

    Technology Bulletin 
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